The Bonnie Fund

Here Is Her Story...


     There are many good and bad situations in rescue. We strive to ensure the right thing is done for each and every equine we come across. Sometimes the right thing, is the hardest thing. In January, 2016, I came to a crossroad with my mare Bonnie, this is part of her story and the story of the Bonnie Fund.

Bonnie was a rescue that I adopted, she had a past that I still know nothing about. One day, almost a year after I brought her home, her personality and behavior changed. She went from being sweet and loving to unpredictable and almost untouchable. It was clear she was in pain. Now keep in mind, when I brought Bonnie home she had a horrible wire cut on her pastern. I doctored her for months, as it healed and the hoof grew out, it became clear that the hoof wall had been damaged. She was her sweet and loving self throughout all the doctoring, no matter what I needed to do. When she changed it was clear to me something was very off.

 I had her checked out by my vet, had massage and chiropractic work done, new supplements, everything I could come up with to help her. Nothing helped. As the days went by she got worse and worse. It was discovered she had broken her withers at some point in her life before me. Any change to her foot alignment, like being shod to protect her hoof, as the damage from the cut grew out, or weight on her back caused significant pain. Just standing in the pasture she was hurting. I had to make the right choice for her, I couldn’t let her continue to suffer, so I made the call we all hate to. Once I said goodbye to Bonnie, I realized the heartbreak wasn’t the only obstacle I had, the expense to do the right thing was daunting.

That expense made me think of all the horses I see out there that are suffering. Would owners do the right thing if they couldn’t cover the expense? What if it was a choice between feeding their children and paying for euthanasia and rendering? As a board, we discussed this and wanted to make sure we had a way to always to the right thing for the horses we take in, if the situation warrants it. The idea for the Bonnie Fund was born.

     Since the beginning of C.H.E.E.R. we have faced the heartbreak of saying goodbye to some of our rescues. Doing the right thing for them isn't easy in cases like this, but we will continue to do the right thing by these sweet souls. We need your help to continue on this mission of saving Colorado's equines in need.


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