General Requirements to Adopt or Foster

  • Completed adoption application.
  • Completed home check.
  • Sufficient space, ½ acre per equine.
  • Shelter - 3 sided, roofed, structure such as a lean-to, stall or barn.
  • Clean, constant, water supply.
  • No barbed wire fencing in corrals or paddocks, barbed wire may be accepted in larger areas only.
  • Colorado  statute sign posted in a visible area (foster).
  • Adopter is responsible for but not limited to the following:
    • Farrier - hoof care.
    • Vetting.
    • General care of the equine & it's well-being.
  • Brand Inspections are held by C.H.E.E.R. for a minimum of 6 months - Adoption
  • There is a mandatory 6 month site visit - Adoption
  • No sale or other form of disposal for the equine is permitted without C.H.E.E.R.'s consent.
  • No breeding clause will be included in all adoption contracts.

Adoption & Foster