Colorado Brand Inspection

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Inspections are generally arranged by the owner of the livestock to be sold or transported, and it is the inspector's job, among other things, to determine whether the purported owner is in lawful possession of the livestock.
Inspections are required:

Prior to sale or transfer of ownership of the livestock (including when livestock are given away);
Prior to transportation of livestock over 75 miles within the state of Colorado (regardless of whether there is a change of ownership);
Prior to transportation from Colorado to a destination out of state (regardless of distance, and regardless of whether there is a change of ownership);
Prior to sale at a licensed Colorado livestock market;
Prior to slaughter when not accompanied by a current certificate of inspection or acceptable substitutes;
Upon entry into a Colorado feedlot from grazing or pasture lands;
Upon shipment from a Colorado feedlot to slaughter (unless the feelot is licensed by the Brand Board as a certified feedlot);
When no brand or freshly branded beef calves are removed from their mothers and shipped without/separated from their mothers to Colorado licensed public livestock market or slaughter plant; and
When cattle owned by a non-resident of Colorado enter Colorado for commercial grazing purposes unaccompanied by a brand certificate or a sale barn purchase sheet describing the cattle.